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all it takes

What’s it take to catch that moment
that I’ve dreamed about countless of times
What’s it take to feel your touch
that I swear I can feel on my bare skin

We can’t look into the future
only guess where destiny lies ahead
At least we can make it ours
fulfil our selfish desires if only for us

How’s it possible something so wrong
could feel so right with every breathe
How does temptation taste so sweet
you’d forget what you have in the present

I don’t wanna crave for it much longer
please let me out of this suspense
Show me yourself, draw nearer
so I can finally see, touch and… feel you

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distance and time

If it weren’t for the distance and time, I’d indulge in the sinful act. I probably would, because of my craving. My hunger for love, in ways I never dare to explore with him. I know what he likes, but I doubt if he really knows how far my mind stretches out to explore new ways of love, lust, desire and passion. Is it fair to hide a part of me, for the sake of maintaining what we have? Is it selfish to be the woman he wants me to be and which I am – most of the time?

It’s not fair, it is selfish.

If only he knew. I don’t think he’ll believe his own eyes, he won’t believe it’s me. I wish I had the courage to show him, but it’ll come to me in time.

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more to a heart…

A heart and its key Women have a special corner of their hearts for sins they have never committed. (Cornelia Otis Skinner)

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