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a not so ordinary day

An ordinary day, where we wake up and have breakfast. Cook, clean, pick up our son and entertain our other son at home all day.

A not so ordinary day, because I live to hear the phone ring and listen to your voice. Your voice that should be here, at home, with us. Your son needs you to play football. Your other son needs you to change his diaper, bathe him, tickle him and play.

It gets so quiet in the house when the kids are asleep. It gets so lonely. So alone.

Just to wake up the next day, another day. Another not so ordinary day.

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that guilt

What would you say if you saw me now? What would you do? I wonder, because there is no one to talk to. And I remember we could talk about anything. Even though it was wrong for me to do so, but talking to strangers is so much easier. Keeping it all to myself is so much harder to deal with.

But I just don’t want to feel that guilt.

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