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all it takes

What’s it take to catch that moment
that I’ve dreamed about countless of times
What’s it take to feel your touch
that I swear I can feel on my bare skin

We can’t look into the future
only guess where destiny lies ahead
At least we can make it ours
fulfil our selfish desires if only for us

How’s it possible something so wrong
could feel so right with every breathe
How does temptation taste so sweet
you’d forget what you have in the present

I don’t wanna crave for it much longer
please let me out of this suspense
Show me yourself, draw nearer
so I can finally see, touch and… feel you

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love waits

It’s exactly 1.59 AM when I start writing this post. I’d like to believe that am really just a night owl, like I’ve spent many nightly hours before I moved out of the house, spent behind the computer, inspired and creatively active. Maybe it’s just the coffee.

I was hoping to see a glimpse of him tonight, but the time difference sucks. I know he’s busy, pushing long hours on long days, he might be out, I don’t really know. I was just hoping, waiting.

Guilt free? I think not. But the longing, my oh my, the longing. Sometimes I wish I could just get a grip on myself. Stop the longing, start the waiting, let him long for me. But I know he is, that’s why I feel it. It’s the connection we have, that no one understands. Inexplicable, yes. Unbelievable? Yeah, that too.

My yawning gives away that I’m tired after all, guess it’s not the coffee. I know that as soon as I lay my head down, I’ll fall asleep. I hope it’ll whisk me away to our island, the place we meet where no one else can arrive, for us to be together and alone. I wonder though, how long we’ll keep this up. I wonder… how long love waits.

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take me away

I still keep thinking about him, because I can’t stop. I can’t refrain from having the thoughts I have. Sometimes I just feel like being whisked away, leave everything behind and let it naturally manifest itself. That’s one thing about it, we came about in a natural way, no wrong intentions, it just grew the way it did.

Take me away to another place, show me what you’re seeing, tell me what’s on your mind. Let me be a part of it all, so I can give you that push, or hold you back, or direct you in other new directions, broaden our views together… conquer the world. World domination, even though we both enoyoy the idea of living as simple as possible. That is… as long as there’s a laptop and an internet connection.

We have a getaway together, we imagine an island made of white beaches, palm trees and simple huts. Where we can just lay back, relax, enjoy and strategically execute the plans from there. If only… I can’t remember how many times I’ve uttered those words.

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