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tears on the train

Drowning myself in music,
thinking of making you my baby
Until that day comes,
I’ll be wondering of what it may be

I feed myself thoughts through beats,
rhymes that might as well be mine
In a world of ballads and mid-tempo,
it’s the up-tempo’s I decline

Close my eyes in the train,
fill my ears with songs no one hears
Seeing you so close to me,
but all I can feel are my tears

No one really cares,
trying to ignore but they see
Gently I rub my face,
wishing you were here with me

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morning dream

I had a dream about you early this morning. I dreamt that I contacted you again and picked up where we left. Such a familiar and natural feeling…

I left the house listening to a mixtape that fondly reminds me of you.

God, I miss you.

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