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open the gate

Clear the way, let me come through
Let me breathe in the fresh air
The excitement, the challenges ahead
Don’t ask of him, because I don’t care

I told myself this day would come
In patience I’ve waited for it to arrive
Leaving my excess luggage at the door
Can’t wait to take the wheel and drive

New faces, new destinations
I know there’s more to explore in the world
Tired of being too nice, too giving
It’s time to take and give back to the girl

The girl I never was, the woman I am
Growing up too soon, settled down too fast
Wiser than most would think
Yet nobody really knows about my past

I’m heading for the future now
I wanna travel and enrich my life
I’ll be a better person for me and my son
I’m sorry to say it’s not gon’ be as your wife

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salty flavor

You bring out the best and the worst in people, because you are able to extract their true essences. Thus some people are scared to get too close to you, while at the same time some people are drawn to you and cannot get enough of you. You like going out with friends and exploring new places and meeting new people. Funny and sarcastic, you have a very unique and defined personality and a great sense of humor. Your personality rubs off on others well and you know how to make a lasting impression. You can be quite skeptical and thus act cautiously. You are also a very real and honest person, and your feet are almost always on the ground. Thus people trust your judgment and you often find yourself confided in.

(result from a test on MySpace I took one day)

But ehm, who do I confide in?

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