push me away

I don’t need your permission to expand my horizons.
I don’t need you to tell me what I can or cannot do.

I should have read the signs a long time ago, but I was a fool.
A fool in love, nonetheless that still makes me a fool.

How could you do me so much wrong for so long?
How could you have betrayed my trust all this while?

Someday you will realise you will never find a woman who would’ve done all the things I’ve done for you – because I was the fool. In fact, there is no woman sane enough who would have put up with the life we have lived together. At the same time, you would think it would make us grow stronger together yet you chose to push me away because I learned from the mistakes. I guess it was not what you wanted to hear at times, but would you rather have me lie than to be honest?

You’ve let me go, so let go.

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