Be gentle, because you risk breaking me in the palm your hands. I give in with complete unwillingness and ignorance, at your mercy with a blanc mind. Numb to wanting to feel any emotion that is real, or any emotion that’ll help me see things clear again. A momentum that I fear to behold, fighting to feel my deepest desires.

You spoke of reflecting over the last 10 years and being happy at where you’re at. How it all went by so fast that you’re looking forward to the next 10 to come.

How I wish I could say I look forward to it too, but it did fly by really fast. When I look back I see a young girl, rebelling late, settled too fast and grew up way too soon. The last 10 years seem like yesterday to me. Them days of ignorant bliss have been long gone in the past.

Fastforward 10 years, today, here I am, fragile. About to break into a million pieces.

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