Lets postpone what we feel. It’s easier not to identify what is wrong, what needs to be fixed or what can’t be saved in this relationship.

Lets postpone whatever big dreams we had together, the big plans we made, the future.

Why do you want to talk about taking the next step? Why would you even want to discuss something that I’m not ready for? Something you are not ready for even though you don’t know it? I talk about stability in life, to which you reply we always made it against all odds. How is that supposed to make me feel better, or confident in what’s to come?

You can’t even tell me what’s on your mind. Your leg is shaking of impatience, but you say it’s nothing. How can we ever get back in tune again if you’re still not willing to open up to me?

Maybe it’s easier to call it quits. Maybe not. So, lets postpone.

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