drowning in lost thoughts

There was a time I thought I couldn’t cry anymore, that my tears had dried up. So many nights before have I looked up into the starry or stormy skies, asking God why, why now, why’s it hurt. Losing my loved ones, lost my hero, losing my sanity.

The tears were back though, while I was laying sick and feverish on the couch, emotions overwhelmed me. Hurt me. Hurt me bad.

Lost myself, drowned in thoughts I thought I had overcome, accepted and dealt with. I guess not. They say wounds heal in time, but I think they never do. Some wounds turn to scars, and scars are carried for the rest of your life.

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One thought on “drowning in lost thoughts

  1. justdaphne says:

    some people,
    some scars,
    we carry with us forever.

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