escape from reality

I’m fascinated by this sentence from Keri / Kanye / Ne-Yo’s single Knock You Down:

We were never meant to be, we just happened

When do you know it’s meant to be? And what does it mean? Do you believe in a love of your life? Some people believe in one love in their life, some actually succeed in finding that person for the rest of their lives. Happily ever after, or something like that. Nowadays, however, young people are encouraged to experiment – even when I was growing up. Unfortunately for them, I come from a different kind of home, a traditional life & culture. Many will dismiss it as old-fashioned, backwards, even stupid. It is often misinterpreted when a woman is meant to be submissive to her husband. The only simple way I can explain it, is that you can’t have two captains on a boat.

At the same time, I have wondered what it would be like if I hadn’t settled down years ago at my young age. Ok, age as a number doesn’t say much, because I was forced to grow up fast. Then I lost my hero, ever since my home was on fire. I thought a lot about running away from home, escaping reality. Sometimes I wonder if me, settling down then already, was just another escape. From one cage to another.

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